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Lloyd Irvin Pulls Back The Curtain To Show Money-Making-Secrets!


Still Not Convinced? Here’s
OVER 7 PAGES Of Positive Feedback From My Last Event!

“All I can say is WOW! I got 10X my moneys worth.”

I HIGHLY recommend any of your seminars to people who want to increase their business. Now I have to go and implement what I learned and I know that I will be the #1 school in my area. Thank you so much for hosting this event and please let me know when the next one is.”

-Paul Halme: Peak Performance, TX


My Business Is Going In A Whole New Direction Now.”

“Thanks again for the awesome seminar on Friday! You gave us so much information and you did it all day and all night without really even taking a break. My business is going in a whole new direction now.”

Rafael Lovato Jr
Lovato’s School of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Vale Tudo, OK:


Your Depth Of Knowledge And Ability To Convey It Are Impressive”

Dear Master Lloyd, Thank you for an unbelievable seminar yesterday. Your depth of knowledge and ability to convey it are impressive. I took several ideas that I will apply to growing my business. Thank you again for sharing your knowledge and experience. Sincerely, Jeff Gordon

-Jeff Gordon:
Gordon’s Mixed Martial Arts Academy, MD


I’m excited everyone got a taste of what Lloyd Irvin is about!! The seminar was amazing!”

Ed clay
Nashville Mixed Martial Arts, TN


The Information And Resources He Gave Us Were Priceless To Any School Owner”

” Thank you Master Lloyd for the UNBELIEVABLE SEMINAR!!!! Those that missed this event are crazy!!! The Information and Resources he gave us were priceless to any school owner!!! PRICELESS!!! THANK YOU MASTER LLOYD!!!”

Tony Harris:
3 Tigers Martial arts
, IL


I Was Given Everything That I Expected And More”

Master Lloyd, I had no doubt that everyone was going to get 20 times what you offered them. I was giving everything that I expected and more. I’ve already done a ton of things you mentioned and more. I’d list what I’ve done but I don’t want to give away any secrets.”

-Jason Scully:The grapplers guide academy, NJ 


So Many Ways To Improve My Academy And Increse The Results”

“Fantastic Seminar Master Lloyd. I learned a ton and came away with so many ways to improve my academy and increase the results! I am pouring through the notes and excited to be a part of it.”

-Rocky Abild:
Elite Martial Arts & Family Success Center, WA


“He’s THAT Good!”

As founder of Grapplers Quest, I’ve seen Lloyd Irvin grow from World Champion fighter, to World Champion instructor (and champion factory) to winning the title of “Best Grappling Team of the Decade”. As a martial arts school owner, if you are impressed with how Lloyd Irvin produces world class UFC fighters and students, or how he has thousands of students worldwide, you’ll be blown away by what he can teach you in a single day to explode your business, he’s THAT good.

Any martial arts instructor looking to absolutely, 100% dominate their local (or national) market would be insane to not attend another seminar or follow this man and his programs to the end of the earth and back.


Brian Cimins, President, Grapplers Quest

“I took 33 Pages Of Notes! You Better Believe This Is Going To Make A Difference!”

Thanks again, Master Lloyd! I had a great time at your Seminar. Thanks so much for having everyone out. I’ll admit though, there was a point where I wished I was the only person in the room. I didn’t want to share all you knowledge! I took 33 pages of notes! You better believe this is going to make a difference! Thanks for all your help!”

Aj Clingerman:
Indiana Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Academy, IN


Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge w/ us and giving back to the MA community.

Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge w/ us and giving back to the MA community. That seminar was worth 1000x what you charged and I was already doing some of the things on my laptop as you were speaking. thanks again!!”

-Chris Savarese:
Savarese Jiu-Jitsu Academy, NJ


Many of the things you have shown that day have already been implemented and have shown great results.”

Master Lloyd, Thank you so much for the opportunity and for willing to share your time and knowledge with us. Many of the things you have shown that day have already been implemented and have shown great results. And you were right, it can also be implemented into a different type of business. A knowledge worth more than gold. Thank you so much.”

Kristel Peachie:
The grapplers guide academy, NJ


Thanks so much for the opportunity. Already started implementing your awesome marketing techniques to combine with the great teaching that we have at my academy. Thanks a million!”

-Preston Gagg: top control Brazilian jiu-jitsu academy,NJ


“Master Lloyd, thanks so much for giving back to the martial arts community and sharing your system for establishing a successful martial arts school.”

I just left wanting more and I can’t wait for the next one. For those of you who didn’t do everything in your power to make it here, all I can say is…..good luck 🙂

Wil Horneff: Training Grounds, NJ


“This man will not quit, he is so intense and passionate in what he is doing, he is one of those people you like to be around, the crowd was all ears, the questions where great.”

Lloyd, what can I say that already has not been said, Let me put it this way, I was not the youngest guy in the room, and my business partner wife {The brains of our operation here in Pittsburgh} have been around the martial arts for over 35 years, for anyone who has never gone to a edu seminar, let me tell you something, I am over 50 and have gone to many different styles of seminars because of the jobs I had. I have yet to see anybody do what Lloyd did that day.

This day he showed some of us who met him for the first time, what kind of fighter he is. This man will not quit, he is so intense and passionate in what he is doing, he is one of those people you like to be around, the crowd was all ears, the questions where great. This was something we were happy to be a part of, we learned alot, and never to old to learn more.
Thank you Lloyd and staff

Sonny Achille: Steel City Martial Arts, PA


“I can’t agree more with all the posts. Master Irvin went well beyond my expectations”

I can’t agree more with all the posts. Master Irvin went well beyond my expectations” and in sharing of just some of his knowlegde, he allowed me to walk away with a strong strategy for the growth and success of my academy. I can’t wait for another opportunity to learn from Lloyd. Without question Lloyd is a true Master.”

Rosendo Diaz: Rosendo Diaz Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, PA


” The seminar was off the hook! I mean insane!

I feel sorry for school owners who missed it….especially the one’s in my area because I’m about to blow them out of the water w/ the knowledge dropped in the seminar;) Also, in retrospect, thanks for charging such a low price. The value far exceeded what we were charged by thousands of dollars.”

Brad Daddis: Daddis Training Centers, PA


“The seminar was AWESOME!!!

The room was jam packed with people, everyone from the experienced school owner to the people who are just getting started, like myself. There was plenty of information for everyone and the Q & A sessions were extremely helpful as well. Thank you Master Lloyd for giving back to the Martial Arts community!!!”

Jay Hayes: NJ united mma, NJ


” Thank GOD I wrote Most of It Down.”

Thanks so much for the training @ ur school an all the other guys that showed up. The event was of the hook w/so much information my brain is still on overload.Thank GOD i wrote most of it down. It’s going to be process to put it into action. Thanks again for sharing much experience w/ us.It was a blessing.”

Jim Rosenthal: Gracie Barra, CA


” Master Lloyd, WOW! The seminar was well above expectations.”

Everyone present at the event could tell that you’re extremely passionate about what you do and are appreciative for sharing your knowledge and business success. In fact, all the thank you emails below mine are proof of this. (Not to mention the butts that were glued to the seats not even wanting to visit the restrooms.) I was sooo excited to drive back home late Friday night because I wanted to implement a lot of the ideas you shared. Like you said money is attracted to speed. Thanks, again, Master Lloyd. I’m deeply honored to be a Team Lloyd Irvin affiliate. Be blessed!”

-Joe Cargado:Combat Fitness Martial Arts, PA


Master Lloyd thank you again!!! The Mixed Martial Arts Millionaire seminar was amazing!!!!

You have always been willing to share the techniques and strategies that have made your Martial Arts team one of the most successful teams in the country. You realy pulled back the curtain to show us all the secrets that have made you a successful marketer and business person so that we can be successful too. Since you have given me the power to achieve my goals, I feel so confident that I will become a Mixed Martial Arts Millionaire.”

-Paul Fahey: Combat Athlete Mixed Martial Arts, NJ


Gabrielle Byrne: New York jiu-jitsu, NY “ Thank you Master Lloyd for an AMAZING seminar! My brother and myself are highly motivated and empowered thanks to all the useful information we received at your seminar. I cannot wait to see the positive impact it will have on my business. Thanks again!”


“Amazing seminar! Overwhelming actually. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and wisdom with us.”

-Steve L: LIN Martial Arts, NY


“Thank you for the awesome seminar master Loyd. I’m already implementing some of the techniques you talked about. What you taught us that day was priceless.”

-Jojo Guarin: East Coast United, NY


I am very proud to be a part of Team Lloyd Irvin!!

I have always learned alot technically on the mat, but at the seminar I learned so much about how to make my business grow. To be around so many like minded people that care about there students was awesome. I am fired up and ready to take over fredericksburg, Thanks again for the help!!!!!

-Chad LeBrun, The Lab MMA Fredericksburg, VA


Brad Court

Any School owner who did not jump on this made a terrible and costly mistake.”

Master Lloyd, thanks so much for putting on the seminar. I don’t know if you remember this, but when I first opened my academy you suggested I come down for a week to learn the ins-and-outs of the business from you. I’m embarrassed to say that I was so short-sighted and ignorant that I thought only of the money I’d lose in that week, not all the money that I’d make as a result. Well, I’ve been waiting for 5 years to redeem myself and I want to thank you again for giving me the opportunity to do so. Any school owner who did not jump on this made a terrible and costly mistake.”

Brad Court
Paramount Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Academy, PA

“Excellent seminar Master Lloyd Thank you for the outstanding knowledge and advice that I have already implemented. Your information is priceless. Thank you for the brain transplant!”

Tony Cata
pikespeakcombatsports, CO


“This was the most powerful event I have ever been to (and I’ve been to quite a few)… Lloyd is on another level. I am so pumped working on the material I still can barely sleep!”

-Nexus Martial Arts
Beamsville, ON


“Amazing, eye opening seminar. By far the most valuable business experience I’ve ever had. Thanks so much!”   Open Mat Brazilian Jiu-jitsu,

Elliott Bayev 
Toronto ,ON


Brazilian Vale Tudo

“… But Guess What… He Delivered 110%”

I’ve said it once here and I’ll say it again!! AMAZING, AMAZING!! The seminar was OF THE HOOK!! I cant thank you enough Master Lloyd. It was so much information that I have pages and pages filled with notes. Everything you showed anyone can do! You dont need a million dollars to do these things he showed. I was very impressed and new that he was going to deliver 100%. But guess what….he deliver 110%. So again for you guys that did not come…Thanks for being stuck in the stone age of marketing!!! I’ll do another one of your seminars in a heart beat Master Lloyd! Thank you and God Bless!”

-Brazilian Vale Tudo, Florida


Rory Singer

It was possibly the most important seminar we ever attended”

My brother and I have been involved in the martial arts for years. We have trained with some of the biggest names in MMA, Muay Thai, Wrestling and BJJ. We can now say that we have “trained with” one of the biggest names in Internet Marketing. I’m still slightly frozen in place after all the amazing information Mr. Irvin shared with us. It was possibly the most important seminar we ever attended. The amount and quality of information shared was absolutely mind blowing. We are in the process of implementing “The Recipe” and cannot wait to start seeing results. This seminar could be the single greatest thing to happen to The HardCore Gym. Thank you Lloyd Irvin!!!”

-Rory Singer
The Hardcore Gym, GA


”Thanks for giving so much value Lloyd”

“I have been following Lloyd Irvin for a while now. Because of him I started following Dan Kennedy and have had amazing results from what I have learned. After attending some of the biggest seminars in the world and paying thousands of dollars to attend, I can honestly say that the MMA Millionaires seminar was THE BEST SEMINAR I have ever attended. I have already done more to promote my business with the internet in the past 3 days than in the previous 3 months. Thanks for giving such great value Lloyd. You will definitely be seeing me at the next one!”

-Travis Tooke
Team Tooke MMA, TX


After Master Lloyd’s Seminar I Am Building An Entirely new Website And Implementing As Many Things As I can Right Now As Fast As I Can”

” I’ve been aware of Lloyd Irvin for a long time. A few years back I started hearing about a group of schools associated with him that were grossing 100k a month! I was in disbelief at first and then started to do that math…. totally doable. I’ve been involved in the daily operations of martial arts schools for most of my life and the only thing I didn’t know how to do was DRIVE PEOPLE TO MY DOOR! That’s where Master Lloyd came in. I’m in situation now where I’m taking the helm at my home school on October 1st. After Master Lloyd’s seminar I am building an entirely new website and implementing as many things as I can right now as fast as I can.

I can honestly say that even if I was only able to implement 2 things that I learned in the 15 hours of training, I would quadruple the expense of the seminar!! I will not miss another one! Thanks Master Lloyd!”

-Jeff Baldwin
Roy Dean Academy, OR



Talk About Over Deliver!”

Lloyd is the Master of the Internet World and BJJ. He opened our eyes in the Seminar he held on the 20th of August to great possiblities if we just “Implement”. His knowledge is vast on internet marketing and his geniune desire to help us to achieve success was very evident from the beginning to the end. If you weren’t there you missed out big time. Talk about over deliver! He is helping to drag teachers of the martial arts into the 21st Century. All you got to do is listen and implement. NICE.

Jim Chandler


Can’t wait for more. I am a true fan of Lloyd Irvin.”

“Lloyd’s stuff is incredible! He “gets it” when it comes to business. I’ve been in business for over 20 years and I learned more in a day about marketing than I have in the last 20 years! I wish I had met him sooner! The seminar was incredible!!”

-Steve McKinney
PFS Academy, CA


Danny Margoupis“…You Literally Robbed Yourself Of Well Over $100,000 In The Next Year Alone!”

Thank you for an outstanding seminar Master Lloyd. That was the best seminar I’ve ever been to, and not just because of the content provided. The people in that room we’re “doers”. I was implementing things as I sat there listening to you, and I wasn’t the only one. For those of you who missed, you literally robbed yourself of well over $100,000 in the next year alone.”

-Danny Margoupis
Mountain Kim Martial Arts, VA


He Is A Machine And Definitely Delivered Far Beyond What He Promised”


Everyone has heard on Lloyd Irvin … I have always admired and wondered how he does what he does in regards to Business … Training … and of course Marketing. For a few years I wish for an opportunity to be in the same room and Learn these specialties. And WOW it finally happened! The MMA Millionaires was Superb! Amazing! I learned SO much. I finally feel like I have some control on being able to determine the Size and Volume of my school and how to be able to provide as well as create opportunity for my staff. It was One of the Best events that I’ve be to in a long time! He was ALWAYS on point. Simply amazing … He is a machine and Definitely delivered far beyond what he promised. I can’t wait to get things going and be able to attend the Next Event.
Thank you very much.”

Johnny Ramirez
Team New Breed, CA


Mark Greubel

” Lloyd, Thank you so much for sharing the info that you did this past weekend at the seminar. That was the first seminar that I ever attended that actually gave me a real return on investment IMMEDIATELY! the next day we had 9 sign ups the very next day we opened the gym!”

-Mark Greubel
GreubelsMMA, GA


Anthony Perosh

”I have two big succesfull schools in Sydney, Australia that I have run for the past 8 years. But still I wanted to learn more and grow my schools. That’s why I travelled all the way to the USA and attended Lloyd Irvin’s seminar. I would do it again in a second”.

Anthony Perosh
Sinosic Perosh Martial Arts (SPMA), concord Australia

This Event Was Excellent!”

 “This event was excellent. I can’t thank you enough for putting on a great seminar and showing us all how to get in on the “goods”. It always seemed like there was some secret recipe for success and you fed it to us. So, thanks for putting this event on and I can’t wait to see you in January!!! One last thing, thanks for letting me know that “good is good enough” I have fought that battle for a long time, so thanks! See, just can’t thank you enough I guess.”

-Elements Bjj, TX


“Thank you Master Lloyd for a life changing seminar! I learned so many things to put into use immediatly. My gym has been struggeling for a few years and already Im seeing results in less than a week!”

-John-David Shackelford
 Team Fight Clinic MMA, TN


“Lloyd Irvin gets it. He is so passionate you can feel it. AND best of all, he cares about the martial arts community and is giving back in a HUGE way. Thank you!”

Peter Giannetti


You Are A Machine”

Lloyd I can’t thank you enough for the seminar in a applied hands on format in DC! You lit a fire under me and I have been productive on all cylinders since I attended. You are a machine. I haven’t even scratched the surface of the ideas you gave me and it really opened my eyes to endless possibilities! Finally someone who stands behind and is what he promotes! It was a pleasure.

-Joe Chandler
Phenom Fitness, VA


I Definitely Got $197 Worth Of Value BEFORE Lunch!”

Master Irvin, I cannot thank you enough for all of the information you gave us at the Mixed Martial Arts millionaires seminar. I have spent the last week implementing everything as fast as I can. I had a website, postcards and other marketing but was not getting any results and could not figure out what I was missing. I now know exactly what I was doing wrong. I definately got $197 dollars worth of value before lunch!

Douglas TateTiger Dragon Boca, FL


Willie Laney

“I took about 20 pages of notes and I’m already applying it to my “different” business. “

Master Lloyd, I knew I could not afford to miss out on the opportunity to receive the information that was to be presented at the “MMA MILIONAIRE” Seminar and DIDN’T hesitate to sign up and GLADLY pay to attend, what I am now personally, respectfully, and very affectionately calling, THE “OTHER” MOST INCREDIBLE FREE GIFT EVER (because it pays for itself many times over). And, I’M NOT EVEN A SCHOOL OWNER. Some may think I’m crazy considering that it had nothing to do with my business, but I would have to say THEY are the ones who are “crazy” for missing out. Lloyd proved, “But, my business is different” doesn’t exist (if you were in attendance, you found out what business we are all really in). I took about 20 pages of notes and I’m already applying it to my “different” business. There very well could have been a “0” added at the end of our $197 registration fee, and that would have been a steal. As advertised, it truly was an opportunity of a life time.
Thanks for giving back Lloyd.” –Willie Laney


I have a full plan that I am working on for our new site and like Magic things are falling into place to assist in getting it done.

“Master Irvin, I have spent the last week working on a new website plan based on everything we discussed at the MMA Millionaires Seminar. Already with just a few small tweaks to my current site I have increased our page ranking in several categories I had just discovered we were not even showing up under. I have a full plan that I am working on for our new site and like Magic things are falling into place to assist in getting it done.

I have also really taken to mind some of the beginning discussion we had at the start of the session in regards to 3%ers. I was definitely familiar with much of this material already from working with folks like Tony Robbins and from Think and Grow Rich but it served as a very needed reminder and kick in the pants!

Thanks much and looking forward to the next one!”

Michael Stinson
Quest Center, AZ


We received an INCREDIBLE amount of VALUE for the pennies we paid to be in attendance! I will do EVERYTHING in my power to attend every other seminar you run!

“Master Lloyd, the MMA Millionaire was off the chain! We received an INCREDIBLE amount of VALUE for the pennies we paid to be in attendance! I will do EVERYTHING in my power to attend every other seminar you run!

Thank you for sharing your secrets to marketing a martial arts school in the same way the richest entrepreneurs in the world market their businesses. I truly believe that using the tactics and techniques you presented, We will now go from a small school training at a church, to a huge school out in town, and DOMINATE the market. Thank you, Master Lloyd!”

Scott Phillips
– The Danger Academy / Relson Gracie Dallas


I was able to attend and look forward to your next gathering and encourage all school owners to listen to a man who can help take you and your school to the next level.

”I just wanted to thank Master Lloyd on an information filled day and night of valuable tips and and tricks that any school owner can implement right away! I am very glad I was able to attend and look forward to your next gathering and encourage all school owners to listen to a man who can help take you and your school to the next level. Keep up the great work, Sir!”

Ace Ramirez
Team KRU, NJ


Lloyd Irvin

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