Jungle Gym Ghost Call

First of all I want to give Justin BIG PROPS for offering to put his call process on display for everyone. Out of everyone on the list I only had 8 people step up. This process only can help you make more money, if you run from it, it’s like hiding that fact that one of your kids is addicted to drugs. You gotta be able to fix the problem. So below is the call I made to Jungle Gym in the Bronx.

It started off good, the guy was pleasant ‘at first’ until I asked for …………. After that it went all down hill from there, he actually became very rude “I feel”, I just know that I don’t want a parent to call my school and have them talked to the way “I” was talked to by his staff member. As school owners we spend money to make our phones ring, the person answering the phone can be the reason why we don’t have as many sign ups as we should. Like I said, one time Marcos caught one of my guys doing some GARBAGE and I was FURIUS, I called a meeting the next morning and FIRED them in front of everyone! I work to hard to have people not do their jobs, as far as I’m concerned these people are stealing money from me, he had to go.

Justin’s employee was to caught up into the style he teaches, when he has to understand more parents have no real idea the difference between, karate, kung fu, tai chi. 70% of the kid calls that came into my school the last 2 months were for KARATE(i guess because of the movie), when they ask “Do you teach karate?” we reply, “Yes we do!”. Even though we also teach mma.

One of the most important things to remember is to NEVER run off a customer like that, never be rude, always be helpful. You never know if that parent will enroll their kid into your summer camp program 2 years from now, or if that parent is the head of the largest parent organization in your town and now she goes and tells 2000 parent in your community how rude your school was to them. It’s that important.

For the last 4 years I have been spending between $4000-$7000 a month for room rental at a particular hotel, my assistant always deals with the hotel. Well this one “manager” decided that since I was in street clothes that I wasn’t worthy of being serviced like a valued customer. Long story short, I moved to another hotel which cost that hotel about $70K in yearly income. About 3 months later the hotel called us to ask why we weren’t using them anymore, we told them, they asked for a meeting. They asked which employee it was, I showed them, they made her come in and apologize then fired her. Then they asked for my business back and slashed my rate by 50%, I RAN BACK! LOL

But the point is that you NEVER know who you’re talking to, always help and treat everyone with respect.

I would like for everyone to let me know what they thought of this call, be honest and direct. More calls to come

With all of the being said I don’t want this guy fired, he just needs more training right away!

Click the link below to hear the call


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  1. Tom
    7 years ago

    That was pretty bad!

  2. Henry Thomas
    7 years ago

    Makes me want to ghost call my own office. It was like he was bi-polar or something.

  3. Justin Garcia
    7 years ago

    Admittedly, that was embarrassing. That being said, results have always been what’s made the difference in my business so far so I HIGHLY appreciate the help. The funny thing was I heard my guys talking about an inquiry call made with a “voice distorter”, but regardless of their suspicions I agree that 100% of the people that call my academy should be given 100% respect, 100% of the time. Thanks, Lloyd.

  4. Dave
    7 years ago

    I want to thank you for doing this master lloyd. We use scripts at our school for all programs. It never dawned on me that my staff may not follow it. I just caught my employee basically rushing a customer off of the phone to get back to texting.

    Thanks for all of the tips

  5. fedorlei
    7 years ago

    that guy was rude, but it is in the bronx, seemed friendly than most of the people i’ve met from new york quite honestly. the staff you are testing are in a lose-lose situation if they give another karate school’s number that would have been just as bad, telling someone you teach karate when you don’t might work for 90% of parents who don’t know anything, but for the 10% who do know what they want you are misleading them. Honesty is always the best policy. However, if generating cash is your only concern, then definately the hustling and keeping the prospect interested is totally rite.

    but lol@firing someone infront of your entire staff, sounds like a recipe for a disgruntled employee pullin a dojo shooting…humilation is never a good idea

    if you expect your staff to act like sales professionals, then they need to be paid like sales professionals, earn percentage off the leads they convert, and should have adequate training in the sales process.

    your customers pay your bills but if the management always sides with customers over staff regardless, then your staff will never be loyal. I’ve worked for employers like this and the customers is usually far from always being right.

    in my experience most peopel who work at dojo’s often start their as students and are there so much they are offered a job, while the view that they are robbing you of customers is 100% correct, customer service is a challenging task and expecting perfection with grave consequnces only breeds a atmosphere of pushy salespeople.

    thanks for the great insight, your management techniques are definately the best way to make cash and fix spots where a business is leaking money.

    • lloydirvin
      7 years ago

      Hiring students to do jobs is something that I strongly urge against. I’ve tried it in all different types of ways and it rarely works. When I was helping Marcos, I told him to get rid of all of his staff and start over. He couldn’t do it. 2 years later, they were all gone anyway.

      My guy that got fired still trains with me, it was his 5th time being written up. No problems here on that. Our sales professional get paid like sales professionals, my main phone person gets paid on percentage of conversions. No one else would even do anything like that. Often times I wonder why I do!

      The 10% that do know what they want will most like expose themselves as such. My kids program is called Thai Jitsu, guess how many people in the last 10 years have called my school and asked do you teach Thai Jitsu. ZERO!

      So when they call and ask do I teach Karate we say YES. It doesn’t have anything to do with generating cash being our only concern. The mass majority of people that call ask for Karate, others Martial Arts and as of the last 3-4 years Mixed Martial Arts or mma(which will continue to increase)

      Thanks for your comments

  6. Tony Harris
    7 years ago

    No Phone Script…
    No Training…
    No Courtesy…
    No Student.

    We just did staff training this week on phone calls and let me tell ya….scripts and training matters! :p

  7. Steve
    7 years ago

    Well at least Justin knows now!

  8. Gary Hale
    7 years ago

    When you hire a cheap employee this is the type of work that can be expected. If you hire a professional with real sales experience and make part of their salary commission based then you will see real results.

    Master Lloyd is absolutely correct when he says yes to a parent inquiring about Karate. The main objective is to get anybody that calls to visit your school. Once they visit they should be educated as to what Jiu Jitsu is and why it will be great for that child. It is just like fishing, you have to set the hook before you reel them in. If your coaches and inside sales team are working together then they will reel them in professionally and with the utmost respect.

  9. Kurt Frankenberg
    7 years ago

    This employee is very loyal and SOLD on MMA. I don’t know that he was the model salesperson but only a SLIGHT tweak in attitude and a bit of training could convert him into a great staff member.

    PLEASE don’t fire this fella… just teach him to ask questions. “What is it about karate training that you are interested in?”

    “I understand it’s good for kids”

    “Have you come by yet to see our kids’ classes? YOu just HAVE to talk with some of our parents at the studio and get the scoop on what their kids are leaning. If Wednesday good, or Thursday a better time?”

    And so on. Give the feeling that they called the exact right place to get what they are really shopping for. They didn’t call about an obscure Okinawan art that almost no one actually does… “karate” in the truest sense of the word… they are calling for exactly what the man taking the call has found out the MMA school: confidence, pride, and a place to belong.

    That’s all I have to say about that.

  10. Tony Cata
    7 years ago


  11. Lucas
    7 years ago

    Okkkk…..he needs to have a little more patience!

  12. Ron
    7 years ago

    Question for everybody, I have already talked Master Lloyd about this and sadly he has been right, but anybody have family working the front desk or anywhere else in the school? if so how is it working for you

  13. fedorlei
    7 years ago


    never mix family and business EVER
    even family restaurants are often a mess

    First of all having an existing level of trust with someone can lead to not putting proper systems in place to monitor such an employee

    also the employee shoudl not have a way of punishing you beyond what any other employee does, when they are tied into you family that is not always the case, they can run your reputation intot he ground or just cast you as some drum pounding salve driver to the rest of your family, and you’ll never even know

    i work manage alot of real estate and renting to family NEVER works out, getting them to work for you is even worse…

    even if the family member is good at separating personal and professional life, there will still be conflicts, favors and a sense of entitlement that comes along with being family. People only realise this when it goes to far I believe.

    as for this calll it’s funny all the brainwashing that bjj students are exposed to that amkes them think they are superior to every other kind of art actually hidners them in the sales process

    the realisation that your needs and beliefs are not the same as every other customers is hard to come to when you’ve been brainwashed into the cult of juijitsu