Question for everybody below

Here is a question one of the guys asked on this board, I want everyone to chime in that has experience with this. Let us hear your stories everyone

“I have already talked Master Lloyd about this and sadly he has been right, but anybody have family working the front desk or anywhere else in the school? if so how is it working for you”

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  1. Scott
    7 years ago

    I have family that works for me and for the most part, it works out very well. The fact she has accounting courses from university doesnt hurt either. Very rarely it can get in the way (due to both of required for certain family functions) but more often than not she is a huge asset to my gym.

  2. Tony
    7 years ago

    I myself do not have experience with this…however one of my business partners has her mom working for her and as long as she keeps her isolated to her strengths and gives her solid directions and positive reinforcement it is working out.

    I am sorry I do not have better feedback. I would love to hear the feedback of others though.

  3. Gary Hale
    7 years ago

    Two things I will never do ( again ).
    1. Hire a relative
    2. Hire a friend

    I currently have 43 employees and I did not know any of them before hiring them.

  4. Sam
    7 years ago

    As operations manager for the hard rock cafe I’ve found a variety of results, best & worst case. I think it has to be the best thing for the business first. We called friends and family members of management “pets” – like if your dog pisses on the floor it’s kind of ok because he’s a dog.

    If they’re the best thing for the business I’ve kept them, if not I personally fired them. They are held to a higher standard.

  5. pj
    7 years ago

    currently i don’t have anyone working anywhere for me (i hope this changes soon!! i am tired!!!) but i don’t see myself hiring any members of my family — i have a tough enough time paying web people, ad people etc who i am not at all attached to in any way to do things exactly how i want it to be

    i guess this didn’t really answer your question

  6. Jay
    7 years ago


    I would not recommend this. You might find that it is too hard to fire family and friends when you need to fire them. Also, they may not respect the boundaries of boss v. employee. Now, if you want your wife working the accounting department, as mine does since she is a CPA, that might not be a bad idea since she could make sure no one is stealing from you. My wife also respects the boundaries and understands it is my business to run. If she disagrees with me, she only does it in private.

  7. Ras
    7 years ago

    Family and business unfortunately don’t mix.

  8. fedorlei
    7 years ago

    from past thread (hope this saves people from making same mistake as i have):


    never mix family and business EVER
    even family restaurants are often a mess

    First of all having an existing level of trust with someone can lead to not putting proper systems in place to monitor such an employee

    also the employee should not have a way of punishing you beyond what any other employee does, when they are tied into your family that is not always the case, they can run your reputation into the ground or just cast you as some drum pounding salve driver to the rest of your family, and you’ll never even know

    i work manage alot of real estate and renting to family NEVER works out, getting them to work for you is even worse…

    even if the family member is good at separating personal and professional life, there will still be conflicts, favors and a sense of entitlement that comes along with being family. People only realise this when it goes too far I believe.

    i have had to save warming food from a broken fridge, call locksmiths in the middle of the night, handle numerous compalints about neighbors all in ways that I would not have done if it was a typical customer instead of family

  9. Eric Galvan
    7 years ago

    Well it sure does seem to be a goood idea on the one hand to hire a relative to work with you. You can trust them and you know they will take care of your stuff and treat your clients well. Ya right, this works for about a month until all the entitlement factors start to kick in. Then it seems as if they are doing you a favor and you owe them. I have made a few mistakes & this is one that I will not make again. Since I had to fire my sister we have not spoke in several months. She approached me with wanting to be part of my business and work at my school. It was a disaster, she treated the clents well enough until she was held accountable for her committemnts that she made. The all of a sudden things changed. We had a great relationship until she worked for me, even in the beginning I knew I made a mistake, I just hoped that it would not come to the inevitable. We all need work, I am no saint but I did everything that I committed to and she felt that she didnt have to because it was only “her part time job”. She even took school property and wont retun it, even after I have asked on several occaisions. In my experience this is bad news unless you can get a very clear and agreeable operating agreement. Good Luck

  10. Dave
    7 years ago

    It depends. Sometimes there is benefit in the fact that the family member has a vested interest in the business that another employee would not. But it greatly depends on the individual. As long as it is working out fine, great. But at the first sign of concern I would immediately take action before things get bad and feelings get hurt.

  11. Paul Halme
    7 years ago

    My wife answers the school phone. Its forwarded to her cell phone so she is not stuck in the office. She does a really good job (yes, I listen in sometimes…lol). I guess it since I pay her on conversions!

  12. Catarina
    7 years ago

    Today my husband and I work greatly together. But it wasn’t ways like this, especially in the beginning. It was very hard not only to work together but also because we didn’t have any job descriptions. After we start to line up what each one had to do, our work environment changed for better. Other tip that worked for us is see each one strengths and use it.

  13. Ron
    7 years ago

    Thanks for all the insight, like i said I had talked Master Lloyd and he had already advised me on the issue but last night I was watching CNBC and they had George Forman on Bizography and with all his business ventures he keep it in the family and it seemed to be working real well. So I thought maybe there was a small chance of hope. I guess I’ll have to keep it between the wife and one day the kids.

  14. Monica
    7 years ago

    When my husband decided to open his own academy, he and I thought it would be an excellent idea to bring a family member along for the ride. Not only would it be helpful to us to have another high ranked instrustor, but it would help him get on his feet for he and his son. His family member thought it was a great idea too and was excited to be coming along for the ride. He was so pumped and was ready for the academy to open. Since my husband had a full time job, his family member was considered an employee, so he was paid VERY well. So, at this point, it was a hobby for my husband and a job for his family member. Now, don’t get me wrong, he was a good instructor, but as far as everything else, there was a problem. He was getting paid as a very well paid 40 hr employee would and doing nothing more but wanting to teach. So, there we were, my husband and I, mopping floors at 11pm, after instructing and both still having full time jobs. We talked to his family member and since he only wanted to teach, we would pay him to just teach. That is when it hit the fan. He wouldn’t show up at times, was rude to the students and just became someone we didn’t want around the students. We have only talked to him a couple of times over the last year, which is sad because we always had a close and very tight relationship before this. In the end, we learned that since he had nothing solid invested in my husbands academy, why would he want to give 200%? We learned our lesson!! As for the kids, both our kids play vital roles. With 1 daughter and 1 son, they help with the kids classes and are great partners for the little ones. Without a doubt, we want our children to grow with the academy and be proud of what my husband and I set forth for them. But, that is as far as this will go.

  15. Terry
    7 years ago

    Hiring family members can be tricky in my opinion and you need to have established/documented criteria and make sure everyone understands what they are accountable for.

  16. fedorlei
    7 years ago

    george foreman ain’t ur typical individual

    he could make anything work, e.g. selling “healthy greaseless hamburgers”

    families with strict roles and that are closeknit can often be good for business, but the most modern families are not like this

    but sad fact of owning a business is that someitmes you have to sacrifice your relationships with employees to keep the business running strong to its FULL potentials

    just like companies that fire thier lowest 10% performing sales professionals every year, if you ain’t hiring the best possible employee you can find, while putting alot of effort into the search then your business will reflect this

    so if your relative happens to be a the top sales person who will work under your budget constraints and pay scale, then by alll means snatch that talent

    different families got their own dynamics, just like juijitsu teams

    you go to some school and they can have lesser students teach when the main instructor is not around, and it not a probelm cause the instruction is a carbon copy of what the lead instructor would teach… but other schools there is not that professional/academic attitude in place and lower belts just do their own thing and then everyone learns something different than the cirriculum.

  17. AJ
    7 years ago

    I think if you are going to do it, make sure it is very clear what you expect them to do. I always want to hire my friends and family. Partially because I want to help them out, but also because if they don’t work for me, I probably never see them. What I’ve done so far is given them one task to take care of. One type of follow-up or mailing, and see how they handle it. They know if they are staying on top of it or not. If they do well, I give them more to do. If not, I eventually give that job to someone else. With sales, I pay them a very low hourly rate and give them bonuses for conversion. If they want to make good money, they have to work for it. I never, ever give someone a whole piece of my business to take care of. If I only have one guy working follow up and he’s doing a poor job, I’m losing a lot of money. Same with sales. I know that I’m a control freak, but I never want to let someone else be responsible for the money in my back account.