Frost Elite Training Center Call

One of our fellow mma school owner Frost Murphy asked me to call both of his schools so I did. Frost is a ‘professional’ they hire consultants, coaching, they ‘get it’! Like I said, no matter how good we are these damn ’employees’ are the people in front or between us. Neither one of Frost employees asked for my name and both just let me get off of the phone to go sign up with who Frost said was his closest competition. After this call I thought to myself that I wished that I did a 3-4 day event and covered every single aspect of running a school instead of just the internet side. But it will still make a HUGE difference in everyone’s business.

ANOTHER POINT: Frost is MAKING MONEY!!!! and this shows you that in this industry you can make good money and still have holes. But what would happen if we plugged up the holes. Tomorrow or Saturday we all should have a 4 hour staff meeting and do NOTHING but phone training. Today Frost lost 2 customers at his school that clearly said they were about to sign up at his main competitions school.

One of Frost guys actually laughed at me as I said I was going to sign up at his competitions school. WOW

So please leave your comments for Frost. I have 2 new people working my phones now on probation and we’ve been ghost calling my own school about 15 times a day. We gotta do this, THIS is important.

So go listen to these calls now, and don’t feel bad for me when I get laughed at because I want to do UFC Training.

Matter of fact everyone should have a quick 10 minute meeting with their phone people and tell them “if anyone calls and says they want to do UFC training, UFC style training, Cage Fighting, King of the cage fighting, Octagon Fighting or anything remotely similar simply say, YES, we have a great UFC Training, UFC style training, Cage FIghting program and go into your script.

Trust me that I’m not the only person in the World that they are messing up on.

Westhiemer- 713-339-4662 -Biggest Competition Hogar MMA Hours: 10am to 9PM


Baytown 281-424-4662 -Biggest competition Bushi Ban hours 1pm to 9pm


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  1. fedorlei
    7 years ago

    dayam could you imagine if the next fedor called up some school lookin for UFC training and someone told him that we don’t do that here… then he ended up going to some McDojo instead and never became a legend.

    i’m sure it has happened to many atheltes, who are subject to handicap of not knowing the lingo of martial arts purists. (i know because i have a had friends spend years and exorbitant amount of cash at bogus schools, schools that merely know how to get to da money! and don’t even have legit standing in the martial arts world)

    people forget how little they knew about martial arts at some point in thier life

  2. Neil
    7 years ago

    Huh? Well, I guess they achieved their goal, to get off the phone as quickly as possible and get back to more important stuff.

  3. pj
    7 years ago

    i am in serious need of following a script – i don’t have any receptionists but i know i will one day– and chances are that day will be sooner if i learn to answer the phone properly ….i think in my mind i am doing a good job but a lot of these horror stories are really hitting home!!

  4. John
    7 years ago

    Well one thing that I’ve learned is that if someone calls asking if I have “eskimo stick fighting” I’ll damn sure tell them that I do and set up an apointment for them to come in and discuss “ESF” and the other great programs we have to offer. After these calls I listened to the douchbaggery and bravado that was coming from my desk help and we’re swithing to a professional answering service this coming week.

  5. zach even - esh
    7 years ago

    WOW! Interesting stuff, Lloyd is rockin’ these calls.

    I teach my coaches to capture name and phone AND how did they hear about us so I can keep track of marketing efforts.

    If they don’t know the answer we capture the name and number and I follow up with them.

    There are definitely holes in our program but the 3 things I push for are name, number and how they found out about us

    If they are serious and ready to sign up they know to set up the client for a trial on a day & time that is a bit slower than others and we get
    2 coaches on at that time.

    One thing I did, is shut off the phone when we train athletes. Running a Strength & Conditioning Facility, super small, I do micro manage, I am sure Dan kennedy influenced me in that way being a bit of a control freak.

    psyched to learn Lloyd!!!