Well if you’ve been alive in the last couple of months
you’ve seen my friend Stephen Oliver and Toby
Milroy talking about their karate kid promotion and
how to get an extra 100 students into your school
using their karate did promotions.

People that have done it are having amazing
results, if you haven’t looked at it I suggest that
you do right away.


I’ve been behind the scenes creating a new
marketing campaign, websites, email sequences,
voice broadcast, direct mail, fax broadcasting,
etc. for a new program that I’m about to launch
at my school and I’m aiming for 200 students new
students in the first 30 days or I’ll consider it a

You see, like I said yesterday your job is to
always find new profit centers in your school.

It can be an area that is underperforming, or
an area that you haven’t exploited yet.

I’ve identified one of these areas and have
pulled out all of the guns to fully monetize it.

This program will have a base fee per month
of $185, not including upgrades, merchandise
and all of the other opportunities that it will
open up.

At 100 new students that would be an additional
$18K per month, at 200 new students that would
be an additional $36K per month.

The best part about it is that I’m creating The
Ultimate Lead generation and Ultimate Sales
Machine(All running on autopilot).  Put the
work in once and reap the benefits for the
rest of your lift.

How many systems to you have in place for
each of your programs? Lead Generation,
Sale Systems,Upgrade Systems, Renewal
Systems etc.

Without SYSTEMS you have no REAL BUSINESS!

Lloyd Irvin

PS.  Tomorrow I’ll let you know exactly how
I recently got 87 new sign ups in 72 hours!

This will be SWEET!

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