Ok, sounds pretty amazing but it really isn’t.

So here’s what you do in it’s simplest format. Go to your billing company records, your files or where you keep records of ALL past students.

Think of a “KILLER OFFER” to give them. Here was my offer. So one of my employees job was to call a list of students that were no longer
training at the school.

Here was the script they used.
“Hello may I speak to FRISTNAME?” if they answered they would go straight into .
This is NAME from Lloyd Irvin’s MMA Academy and Master Lloyd wanted me to give you a call and tell you how much we miss you at
the academy and he told me to do whatever I had to do to get you back into the gym.

So here is what I want to do for you. First before I tell you what I’m going to do for you I have a question for you.
(Did you enjoy training at our gym?) If they say no then you go into asking them why not
and over come those objections.

If they say yes you give the offer. GREAT!!!!

So I want to get you back enrolled into our program, so to
make things super easy I can get you enrolled into our program at a 20% discount off of our introductory program, also I can get you
started right away and you wouldn’t be billed for the first 30 days. To make this deal even sweeter you can jump start your learning curve
by attending a BJJ,MAMA< Muay Thai seminar happening this weeked for FREE, the seminar is a $100 value but we'll waive the cost of the seminar. I only have permission to make this offer available for the next 72 hours, will you be able to come in today to get you all of your bonuses? If YES, GREAT what time can you come in? If NO, what time would be best for you? So you get the point, the week we do this I always throw a seminar that weekend so it makes the offer stronger. Have you ever signed up 87 students in 72 hours and didn't spend any 'new money' to gain that lead? This was for our adult programs, soon I'll be doing a similar strategy with our kids program. We still have some more adults to contact. You can use this strategy tomorrow if you're really fast, if you're slow have it set up to start next monday. I know Matt will be on it, who else will get this done? Leave a comment and let me know what you think

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