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Lloyd Irvin Pulls Back The Curtain To Show His Money-Making-Secrets!

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  1. Solid business advise!

  2. Thanks for sharing the information in the video Coach Irvin. Great information and great idea on the website.

    Thanks again

  3. Another great video. I can’t live without my white boards (though I went ghetto and bought backer board from Home Depot, 4×8 sheet is $10). Keep killing it Lloyd. If I could toss out a request, could you dive into your marketing funnel and membership ladder at some point? Knowing who you have studied, I would be fascinated to see how you have applied these concepts to MA? Thanks again.


    • Thanks Neil, I’m going to go more into that at the live event i’m doing

  4. anthony

    Wow! Keep doing what you do. You make it easier on us struggling brothas out there. Big up, and God bless!

  5. Great idea..thanks LLoyd. Time to implement!!

  6. Emmanuel Galvan

    That is great advice! I was trying to think of a way of getting more people to stay in our programs and this is something that I can start right away! thanks!

  7. Wow…at our last staff meeting we had a discussion where we planned to do exactly what you just talked about in regards to the video…how to line up, how to tie your belt, how to turn in your card, etc etc. All of this would be part of both an online ‘help’ area as well as a possibly in DVD form as part of a new student welcome packet.

    Thanks for adding to my inspiration!

    Now to actually get filming!

    • YES, get to filming right away, like making money like a ROCK STAR. Record it once and get paid off of it for the rest of your life.

  8. Thank you for the wonderful insight Lloyd… what are some of the standard survey questions you ask your members?

    • The questions all depend on what type of intel you want from them. I wanted to know what I can do to improve the school over all and the customer experience. So I asked questions that would get me that info.

  9. Thanks for doing this Mr. Irvin. I am interested in the marketing, but would also just like to know the way the school is run, from how your gyms start a person off and how you progress them.(kids and adults) And my problem is that I have one MMA class going and I want to know a good way to kick off new classes with success? What to charge and how you run your competition team.

    • Thanks Jeremy. There a lots of things that go into running a school. Right now I’m just focusing on parts of the marketing. Later I will be doing some things to address every other area possible

  10. z

    I am meeting with my website designer this week end to get some of your initial changes put in place. I can’t wait to succeed in a real way- Thanks for leading me through many things that have been overlooked over time. I am a new fan of yours!

  11. Thanks again Lloyd! I have been expecting students be up front about their concerns, and they won’t. You make it plain and simple, thanks for the tips.

    • YEAP, they’ll lie directly to your face! Go get them

  12. June

    Thanks for the advice Master Lloyd!

  13. bjjisawesome

    thanks again Master Lloyd! Great advice! Easy to implement immediately!

  14. Lucas

    Great idea! Thanks for passing it down to us. Time to get it done. By the way….congrats on Tracey winning the worlds!!

  15. Thanks Lloyd! Im stuggling to get conversions on my website.
    Could a survery help me figure out why people dont fill out my webform?

    • No because the survey would be going to people that already filled out your form and are already on your list. If you’re not driving ppc traffic you can ask why on an exit pop. I do that on lots of my sites and people will tell you for sure. Just ignore the stupid comments because you’ll get those also

  16. Phillipe

    Master Lloyd,

    First off, I want to thank you for the tips you given me. I’m sure this is all leading up to a major seminar or video or something big for us to buy or attend. The information thus far has been great and I want much more. I want to do what it takes to come get the rest of the info so, I can start rolling with it. I have great BJJ, Muay Thai and Wrestling programs at my academy but, we’re not making ANY money. We have undefeated MMA fighters, all belt levels in BJJ, ISKA and IKF kickboxing and Muay Thai champions but, we still are barely getting by. When are we going to be able to get a complete game plan with clear cut action steps from you??? I’m ready to start living my dream!!!

    • I’ll be giving more information soon. I have lots of stuff happening right now so as soon as I have a better lock on it, I’ll let everyone know

  17. used survey monkey today and sent it to my students!! wow!!
    They are very blunt when they know I wont know who it is
    writing, lol but i love it!!

    • NICE, I see that you’re a ‘doer’, BLUNT is an understatement! LOL The last one I sent out was a slap in the face and wake up call because I got lazy a little bit in a few areas that really matter to them. Congrats on taking action with it!

  18. Danny

    It’s amazing what people will say when it’s anonymous. I got an email from you about 3 months back with a link to survey monkey (I forgot what it was for). I remember thinking about how easy it would be to get testimonials with this, so I quickly made a survey, emailed all my students and within 24 hours I had a pretty nice stack of testimonials. After seeing your video the other day I did it again, except this time it was anonymous and asked slightly different questions. Any random person reading the responses would’ve thought I surveyed 2 completely different schools! My response to the anonymous survey was tiny, but the information was of huge importance. Thanks for the great advice!

    • When I first did it back in the day it totally caught me off guard! LOL

  19. Hey Lloyd! I just created my survey and posted it on my facebook fan page…I will let you know how it goes!
    Thanks for everything!

  20. Tony Harris

    The bluntness of my students responses were great….yes! The content I got back though is priceless. I am already taking an in depth look into what we want to know based on our target demographics and creating more specific surveys for them! Awesome advice!!!

  21. pj

    i posted my survey at 1230am last night — i have had a LOT of great feedback!! so many suggestions that i can easily improve on — BLUNT is an understatement! hahaha – what surprised me more than the feedback from the survey was the size of my classes tonight – wednesday is usually a slower night and it was a packed house – i am going to assume there is a massive correlation between student input and feeling the value in the academy to their attendance

    thanks soooooo much!

    great stuff!

    • Thanks, just wait until August 20, 2010 to see what I show you guys

  22. Paul

    Hey Lloyd,

    I just got back from Brazil today and this is the first thing I did. I just sent it out. See you at the seminar!

  23. feedback is soo crucial in any system, business, or plan for that matter

    you sure do add alot of value to the martial arts experience at your school, i can’t count how many times i’ve done some etiquette things wrong in bjj class and gotten an earful because of this. Not to mention how many times i have had injuries and had to take months off of training without anyone at my club knowing anything about it

    bjj schools tend to focus on thier competition team or inner circle of competitors and everyone else seems to be there along for the ride. Those along for the ride tend to come and go, and your rite no questions are ever asked as to what happened to them?

    following up with existing customers, prospects and most importantly disgruntled former customers gives you the foundation for improvements, people never learn much surrounding themselves with yes men and people unwilling to voice thier opinion due to the fact they may step on a business owners toes

    the restaurant analogy is gold since you see so many owners unwilling to take any critism since thier restaurant becomes a personal expression of their own character.

    dating is another perfect example, since how useful would it be to have your partner tell you exactly why they are breaking up with you, people can’t handle this stuff, that why it goes unsaid, but truly that is invaluable information

  24. Bob

    This ICR video doesn’t come up… I thought it might be a problem with IE but FireFox wouldn’t open it either… I could see the Wheel Video but this One, 200 new students & God Father Won’t come up… Being that I can get the Wheel Video and these don’t show… I think it might be on your side… Can you check on it…?

    Thanks Bob…


  25. Rod

    Great video would like to now the details of the mailing / how many do you mail out / how many emails / do you have certain days that you do app or is any day any time ?

    Thank you