What Have You Done Today To Help Grow Your School? Please list your answers in the comment section

Today I’ve met with two sections of my staff to go over sales numbers for the
month and assign task for calling the new students after they attend their
first 8 classes.

I met with a person that I’m thinking about bringing on specifically as a
greeter at my school and to do tours. Our lobby is so busy that I want
to make sure ‘no one’ slips through the cracks and doesn’t receive
A1 customer service.

I showed you guys the plans of a new website I’m creating for my new
students that I thought of after I got the feedback from a survey. Today
I grinded out 68 videos of the 192 videos I have on the board today. I
had to stop because I had to take my wife to the airport. Tomorrow at
1pm I begin shooting again.

I uploaded a 90 campaign for my newest program that goes out to
people that come into the school, take the tour, etc. but don’t sign
up. It is highly detailed and multi media and even includes a step
where we show up at their door step with a GIFT! On August 5, 2010
the 90 steps for the people that do sign up will be complete.

I sent out a voice broad cast to all students that haven’t been in the
school for the last 3 weeks. I set up the first 3 steps of another
re-activation campaign that goes out to the people that didn’t respond
to the one where I got 87 people to sign up in 72 hours.

I recorded a new audio cd that I’m going to be using to help
promote my after school program, started writing the lead gen
postcard to promote it and the full page ad copy that I’m going
to use in a local paper to promote it.

(Now this is outside of the 2 classes that I taught today)

Now I’m writing emails(took a break to write you guys), I have
a 6pm appointment with a student, then 7pm new interview
with channel 5 news about my home invasion and then 8:30pm
advance BJJ class.

There is only 1 thing left on my to do list and that’s getting
15 new banner creatives done to test against my current
winners. Those coming to my August 20, 2010 seminar will
learn some of the newest and sickest stuff! I promise you that.

If you haven’t signed up yet, make sure you do so right away.


Lloyd Irvin

PS. Look out for me WATER video tomorrow! You’re going to LOVE IT!

And by all means, STEAL IT!


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